New York University, New York, NY

Courant Instructor

My NYU teaching web pages are at my academic wiki.

University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Teaching Assistant

COP3530 - Data Structures and Algorithms (undergrad)
Fall 2002, Fall 2003 (discussion leader), Fall 2004 (discussion leader)
CAP4730/CAP5705 - Computer Graphics (undergrad/grad)
Spring 2003
CGS2470 - Introduction to Computers for Architecture Majors (grad)
Fall 2004, Spring 2005 (instructor)
CAP6701 - Advanced Graphics (grad)
Spring 2008

National Technological University/Walden University


AD711R - Advanced Data Structures (grad)
Fall 2003 (reorganizing), Spring 2004 (teaching)
NSEN6011 - Formal Methods in Software Engineering (grad)
Fall 2006 (teaching)
NCSC6021 - Analysis of Algorithms (grad)
Summer 2007 (auditing, contributing material)