Graphics - CAP5705

Why it rocks

HW2 and 3 were the best, and I'm going to show them off below.

HW2 - Screwing up your face:

Take a mesh of B-spline control points, slap on your face, and move the control points around. You could play with this for days afterwards.

Cool Figure 1: Control points on left, result on right

Play with the control points, and you could turn yourself into The Rock.

Cool Figure 2: The Rock

If you've WAAAAAAY too much time in your hands (which I didn't) or you just like to pretend you do (which I do), then you could make this:

Cool Figure 3: Monkey on left and goblin on right

HW3 - Making a movie using BMRT:

BMRT = Blue Moon Rendering Tools, which implements Pixar's Renderman interface. It does much more accurate lighting than OpenGL, but does not run in realtime. You can download my 70-frame movie in either OK quality (approx. 483KB) or good quality (approx. 1MB). Here is a screen shot: